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Standart Automatic license plate recognition system writing , examination, reporting

Thru the assistance of the automatic license plate recogntion system writing controls the vehicles entrance and exits of the of the apartment blocks parking lots.The licence plates of the residents has been recorded and the doors opened automatically when the vehicles comes to the doors. The vehicles entering and exitting has been recorded with their pictures . Previous records can be examined and reported.

Parking lots

Covers smartpts license plate recognition sytems writing and also the parking lots automations writing required to manage parking lots.Thru smartpts parking lots the runaways in the parking lots can be prevented.It allows recording of the parking lots subscribers. It automatically calculates the parking fees by recording the entrance and exit times of the vehicles.All entrance and exits has been recorded with their pictures .Examination per car can be performed.


Covers smart pts license plate writing and smartpts polnet examination and management writing , Smartpts Autobans has been produced specially for public institutions such as police departments , municipalities etc. It can recognize license plates in autobans up to  speed 180km/h It automatically catches runaways ,stolen and criminal vehicles.It catches the speeds of the vehicles and violations of the speed regulations.It starts the required alarms and sirens , produces reports.


Rockmount locked 4 fanned 4u industrial case.

Intel quadcore 8mb 1066 mhz 4 seed processor

SC-775 Audio+lan +sata 1333 FB main card

4GB DDR2 1066 MHZ Hypex cooler ram

256/51L Vca pvı ppr2 Screen card

420u 24pen link ptc power supply


Memory card  reader

SmartPts video capture card



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