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SmartPts Technical Specifications


Operating System

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Software Language (Windows)

Visual C/C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic .NET, C#, Java

Software Language (Linux)

C/C++, Java

Plate Type

Rectangle, square, official plates and unframed plate.

Picture Input

Memory than picture input. (char*) file or camera than real video display.

Video Type


File Type


File Type

Grayscale, RGB16, RGB24, RGB32, YUV

Recommendatory Size

640 x 480 pixel.

General operation speed

40ms (~0.04sn) @ CPU 2GHz, 640 x 480 pixel.

Max operation speed

20ms (~0.02sn) @ CPU 2GHz, 640 x 480 pixel.

Max araç hızı

180 km/s

True reading success proportion

% 95

Data Output

Digital Plate numbers (ASCII).
Plate pozition.
Every character pozition.
Every character type (Number, Letter).
Every character
recognition percent.

Min System Need

Intel P4 2 GHz veya daha yüksek CPU
512MB or hight RAM
Empty PCI slot, USB 2.0 input.

Option Modules

Parking Automation Software , Roadblock Loop Control Module


· Day and night 7/24 workable in every condition

· %95 percent recognition success

· License plate recognition below 0,02 seconds

· Remote controll friendly user

· Recognition of the latein letter world license plates  

· Recognition of the square and rectangle license plates

· Determination of the speed up to 180 km/h

· Workable with analog and IP camera

· Automatic door triggering and loop control

· Comparison with license plate record base and catching stolen /criminal vehicles

· Workable in every computer with an electronical key without re-licensing

· System reports and grafic analyser

· Completely developed by Turkish Engineers

· Service and upkeep guarantee of the writing and system is completely supplied from Turkey .


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